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Featuring Jamal Adams

NFL Pro Bowler and Seattle Seahawks star, Jamal Adams became a pescatarian just 1 year ago. His personal chef, Charles Artiside provided meatless food options to help Jamal on his goal to become healthier and lead in more sustainable food options. Quorn was introduced to him by Charles and Jamal loved it. We teamed the two up and the rest is history. Jamal is now one of a few elite athletes featured in the #FueledByQuorn campaign. Check out the feature of Jamal and chef as they dive in on their relationship and love of Quorn. LINK:

King Sports & Entertainment for Quorn Foods - The premier sports marketing and creative agency specializing in sponsorship & partnership marketing and content creation. 

Jamal Adams - Quorn
Jamal Adams - Quorn 2 Minute Version
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Jamal Adams - Quorn 15 Sec
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Jamal Adams - Quorn 30 Sec
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