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We are a house filled of experienced go-getters, find a way how to get it done, degree holding professionals that won't take no for an answer. Our team is focused on one goal - to make each client uniquely a star in their area of specialization.  Home to gurus in marketing, branding and public relations, we are not afraid to think outside the box - focusing on the origination of ideas that have never been seen or heard.

At KING, we hold connections to key brand decision makers and major media contacts across the globe. Through our strategic partnerships and trusted relationships, we attract world class athletes and businesses who seek to be the best in their lane - or as we like to call it, KING.

Working with King, means working with a network of top tier industry professionals who provide the very best services. In today's age, their is no 'best agency' but there is a 'best fit' agency, and that is exactly who we are. We have constructed an impeccable staff who all have proven industry backgrounds in core areas of sports and entertainment marketing, separating us from competitors alike.

At King, we are built on the premise that, 'we treat out clients how we would like to be treated'. Our mission is simple: produce and deliver exceptional results beyond expectation. Through discovery and vision, we implement plans unique to the industry's our clients operate in - providing a lane for sustainable profitability.

King proudly provides services to the City of Orlando and State of Florida as a certified (MBE).

Modern Office
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